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Top Tips on How to Decorate your Bali Tiny House

Having a house in Bali, wether it's tiny or big, means that you already have your own paradise. Even, in paradise, a simple tiny house looks very nice if it is built in the right location and has a nice interior. Below are some tips on how to decorate your lovely Bali tiny house.

Think Function First

Make sure to think the essentials item first before putting any additional accessories into your room. Having too many items in your small room make it looks messy and narrow. So think about to put important furniture first before you put any other accessories.

Creativity with Storage

Do you have lots of small items to store? If yes, don't forget to have a storage. Note that you have a tiny house, so build your creativity on how to create your unique one without having to spend a lot of space. You can add a multifunction cabinet, small one under your sofa, or under your table.

Double Duty Items

As mentioned on the previous point, you can use multifunction furniture for your tiny house. Using a multifunction cabinet is beneficial because it can save a lot of budget and space. A square box for example, we can use it either as table, or even as a bookshelf.

Need More Pro Advice?

MF Design offers Bali interior design and architecture design. Drop us a message and just ask us a questions you want to know more about our interior design consultation & services in Bali.

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