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Tiny House, Another Architecture Trend for 2021

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

2020 was full of surprises, a moment when people stay at home all year long, a moment when everybody has their own space to introspect them-self, a moment when some people lost their jobs, economic life dropped, etc.

Yes, correct. Today's economy is going down as the virus has not been defeated. This situation fosters a new condition as well as a new trend in the various industry nowadays. Some hotels (for example) now have a hygiene division. The beauty and health industry now pays more attention to eye make-up rather than full-face make-up, because everybody now is wearing masks, and only the eyes were visible. All changes and follows the trends and consumers' needs.

In the architecture and property industry itself, the tiny house has come up as the current trend. It's based on consumers' demands, followed by the development of the current economy. It is also influenced by Millennials, who dream of a cheap and small house for their small family.

Why Tiny House?

A tiny house gives you simplicity, living with enough spaces with your loved one without spending so much money. There is no meaning by living in a big house but you rarely use the rest of the rooms available. A big house without people who lives inside, will be an empty room forever right?

As professional Bali architecture, MF Design understands that the tiny house is being popular and many people wish to have it. So, we currently offer a new project called the Bali tiny house to provides everybody that needs to build their own small private house in Bali, within a small budget but with a high-class interior design and architecture. Not only a tiny house project, but we also provide an excellent interior design for those who stay in Bali.

Wanna know more about what we offer? Build your own Bali tiny house, drop us a line here!

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