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Tips for Choosing a Trusted Interior Designer in Bali

Having a beautiful, stylish, and eye-catching house is everyone's dream. Of course you need a hand to make your dream house come true. Consulting with interior designer is the answer. But we know, that it's hard to choose the best interior designer for you. So, how to choose the right one?

Photo by Annie Spratt | How to Choose the Best Interior Designer in Bali | MF Design Bali
Photo by Annie Spratt | MF Design Bali

Research and Make a List

In finding the right designer, you need to do a deep research. Make a list of the designer is also important. From the list, you can select which one is the best and match your requirement. Define what you need and your budget to do the selection.


When doing a research, make sure that the designers have a good portfolio. A portfolio is a proof of their work and also as your reference before you choose one. If the portfolio match your style, then make sure that designer are on your list.

Reputasi Baik

Don't forget to check if the designers have a good reputation. It is not only their work, but their attitude and how they maintain the good relation between their clients. Do not be tempted by cheap prices before you do a deep research.

So, those are the tips for choosing the right interior designer for your home. If you are looking for an interior designer, MF Design is ready to help and provide the best consultation for the interior work of your dreams. Make sure to do your research first ;)

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