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A Touch of Balinese Interior Art for Your House

When talking about Bali Island, what will you have on your mind? Is it Bali's beautiful beaches? fresh air in the mountains of Bali? or the temple architecture in Bali? Yup, the temple in Bali is one of the most unique things that you will remember about this island. Even Bali also known as the island of thousand temples.

Yes, Bali's traditional house has its own philosophy. Many architect are also inspired from Bali traditional houses's architecture to build a unique villas or hotels. If you want to have your own Balinese house, these are the tips that you can follow:

Made from Nature

Most of Balinese house's materials are made from nature, not from modern factory industry. This point makes Balinese house more valuable and special. Balinese houses usually use wood or natural stone as pillars. The use of wood and natural stone creates an ethnic and natural Balinese feel

Wooden Furniture

Make your home more integrated with nature with the wooden furnitures. Use a wooden table or wicker chairs made from water hyacinth to beautify your room.

Add Green Plants or Even Palm Tree in Your Garden

To make it more like living in paradise, you can add some green plants in your garden. Adding a palm tree also makes your home looks more tropical and good for your Balinese theme house.

So that's all our simple tips to help you add Balinese interior art into your house. You can do it and feel like living in Bali, even if you don't have a house in Bali. But if you want to have more tips, consult your need with us, our interior designer team will help you ASAP.

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