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A Philosophy Behind Bali Architecture and Design

If you are asking about which tropical architectural style is the most popular in Asia, we would like to proudly respond you that it's our Bali architecture. Known as being in harmony with nature, Bali architecture gives another unique ambiance that will bring you a relaxation living under the roof of a Bali house.

The harmony with natures comes from the perfect combination from its beautiful beaches, gardens, mountains, lakes, and any others beautiful natural sceneries that is difficult to find anywhere. Their religious practices and their thousands temples also become a strong part behind their name, "the island of God".

Not only reflected from the form, Its local tradition is also reflected from the use of local materials. The styles is also a combinations between the Bali's Hindu's traditions as well as ancient Javanese components.

Natural stones, bricks, bamboo, teak, and coconut woods, are always appeared on the Bali architecture style. These materials shows the relations with its beautiful nature and bring the coolness inside the Bali house.

Tri Hita Karana, the most known philosophy of Balinese life also influenced the Bali modern architecture, including some of hotels or Bali villa architectures. Tri Hita Karana teach us about a good relation between human, nature, and God.

The main focus of Bali architecture are strong foundation, great ventilation system, enormous yard, a high wall that guards the house. Bali architecture consists of separate pavilions that have different functions, which make it more and more unique compare to other architectural style.

So, MF Design Team, Could You Guys Create Us A Beautiful Balinese House?

As professional Bali architecture team, with many years spent in building houses and villas around Bali with various styles, of course we could guarantee that we can help you to build one. Start from designing, building, and also creating the best interior design which makes you love to stay in your Balinese house like forever!

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