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Various Types of Interior Design in Bali

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Are you bored with your house interior design? Wanna make some change but don't know which interior style suits you? In Bali, there are some interior design applied in various hospitality industry such as restaurant, hotel, villa, or even their own home. Today we'll give you a various interior design that can influence you in designing your home interior:

1. Industrial Interior Design

Industrial Interior design is influenced or inspired by industrial warehouse ornaments. Generally industrial interior use concrete floors and metal roof. Dark natural wall colors such as grey, brown, or never apply any wall painting. A wooden or metal based furniture always present in the industrial interior style

2. Transition Interior Design

This style is a combination between modern and traditional style. Light neutral colors will dominate this interior design style. In Bali, this interior design is very popular. As we know, Bali has a unique traditional style, yet when they to build their own house. Some people tend to keep their traditional ambiance in a modern way. Then, a transition interior present as the right choice for people who dream of a modern interior yet traditional.

3. Rustic Interior Design

This interior style is identical with wooden based furniture, wall and ceiling. Unfinished wall could be the main characteristic of this interior style. Rustic interior design is always been

used in Bali for villa or hotel interior.

If you want to change your interior design and need a recommendation about interior design that suits your space, our interior designer will always be able to help you.

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