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Top 3 Interior Design Trends in 2021

Looking for a fresh idea for your interior design projects? If yes, then you've landed on the right page. We are MF Design, one of the leading Bali Interior Design company, understand that the trends always change each year. So here we will share the top 3 interior design trends in 2021. Don't forget to check other interior ideas & tips here to always being updated about us.

So What's Trending on 2021?

1. Back to Nature

In 2020, we've just stayed at home all year long and it makes us missing the nature. We're being locked at home for almost the whole year, without seeing freedom and nature. That is why the natural theme will rise again in this year. Apart from that, the natural design always brings inspiration for most of people. Natural theme can be applied by using botanical wallpaper or placing some mini plants inside your home.

2. Multifunction Room

When you're thinking that there are too much spaces in your house, then it's time to jump up to the multifunction style. Self quarantine makes some people start to think to maximize their spaces in the house as possible. By spending a lot of time at home, they want to make a comfortable and multifunctional space.

3. Earthy Tone

Photo by Fantastic Ordinary | Earthy Tone | Bali Architect & Interior Design | MF Design
Photo by Fantastic Ordinary | Earthy Tone

This style is close to the natural one, but more focus and refers to brown or khaki colors which are the color of ground or soil. It makes your room looks cozy and luxurious at the same time. Earthy tone is popular and has been used by many bali villa architect and interior design.

If you are looking for professional bali house interior designer, we are happy to help you and give you any solution to makes your dream house come true. Let's discuss your needs!

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