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Top 3 Interior Design Secrets That Nobody Tells You

Interior design and decorative is one of favourite creative study that creates or enhance the interior of a building to achieve a comfort and aesthetic room at the same time. Yes it is a study, because it needs a special approach to get all the things done well, especially when you are building an interior from scratch. Here are the top 3 interior design secrets that nobody tells you:

Photo by Vecislavas Popa | Top Interior Design Secret | Interior Design Bali | MF Design Bali
Photo by Vecislavas Popa | MF Design Bali

Less is More

Never think to put a lot of things in a room, because it will make the room looks heavy and can't bring a relax to the people who live inside. So, better to let some spaces empty. I will make the room looks larger as well.

Use Plants

Wanna have a touch of freshness in your room? Using a plants can become your choice to beautify your room. You can place the plant in the corner of the room, or on a bookshelf to make the room feel more alive. Moreover, if you want to have a natural ambiance, then having a plants inside your room is the key.


Most of people waste their time to focus only on the wall. They usually forget about the ceiling. You can add any colours you like. Painting a ceiling, decorate it as your "indoor sky" can bring more power into your room.

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