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Simple Steps to Success Your Interior Design

Time progress of interior design has always been asked by clients. It's like a million dollar question. Everyone wants to do it instantly without knowing the interior progress will always take time. Through this blog, we'll share every steps to success your interior design:

1. You should know the measurement of your room and take a note on a piece of paper about every corner's measurement. You have to think about the accessibility in every room, so people can move easily & freely in the room.

2. Describe the best light which is suitable for your room. A natural lighting could give a warm ambiance into your room and automatically give a comfort for the householder.

3. Create a unique theme. It could be a combination between two or more than one interior styles. An interior style also could be created based on your hobby and what you love.

4. Choose the right color, whether for your wall, room tiles, furniture, and other accessories that are also related with your interior design theme. Remember, you should have a conception before you buy a furniture, or any material such as wall painting and tiles to decor your interior design. The color could be combined with another colors as long as the colors are still related with the theme.

5. Position of your furniture can give a different ambiance in every room. When it's time to put a furniture and decoration into your room, don't forget to give an access to move.

Remember, interior design is not only about the beauty but also about the detail, ambiance, and room function.

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