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Redecorate an Interior Design for Phinisi

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Hi, welcome back to our blog!

Today we'll share you something new as we've got a unique project from one of our loyal customer to create an ambiance for his phinisi. So, if you also have a business using phinisi, or a private phinisi, here we will share you some tips on how to create an interior design or just to re-decorate yours:

Phinisi Tips | Interior Design Bali | MF Design Bali
Tips Creating Phinisi Interior | MF Design Bali

1. Pay More Attention in Detail Size and Form of every corner. It's important to you to know the exact size of your phinisi's rooms before you redecorate it or create an interior plan.

2. Phinisi is not same as a simple house. It's more complicated. Think about the furniture you'll choose. Remember, it's a phinisi which is always floating on the sea. Therefore, you must remember, that your space will shaking all the time because of waves. So, it's better to choose immovable furniture.

3. Choose natural colors. It's will be more suitable to choose brown or white as your phinisi color base.

if you want to add different colors, you can do it by playing with furniture or colorful accessories in every room or corner of your phinisi.

That's all some tips from MF today to help you re-design or redecorate your private or business phinisi. Wanna have some more tips? stay tune on our blog!

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