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Essential Ideas in Designing Interior for Hotel in Bali

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Hotel is a great business if you are smart in managing and giving a conception. It's not only about its services, but also important to think about your interior hotel room to give a comfort ambiance for your hotel guest. Here we would like to share what is the essential point when you want to start your hotel interior conception:

Interior Design for a Hotel in Bali
Interior Design Consultant - Akila Stay Hotel Bali

1. Think about the Harmony

Each part should be linked and build the final looks perfectly. Choose the several colors and combine it on all rooms so it has a harmony.

2. Colors

As it's mentioned in the first essential point, the room wall colors will influence your hotel guest mood. So, ensure that you've choose the right color to build a happy mood for your guests. In Bali, a natural colors is the most popular colors that has been used by a lot of hotels. It create a comfortable atmosphere of casual elegance or simple sophistication.

3. Details

Ensure that your room detail can enhance the look you want. Pay attention from the big to small details such as the door keyhole, lamp or lighting, and other parts.

That's all our today's tips about Bali hotel interior design. If you have another tips or wanna join us, feel free to drop us a line.

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