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Ideas for Rustic Interior Design

Rustic interior design style is inspired by natural scene, a perfect balance between rough and comfortable. Rustic design can give you an eco-friendly home ambiance. This because of the utilization of different types of organic materials for your home interior. Rustic style also has been used either for restaurant, villa, or hotels in Bali. It really helps to develop health environment which is another reason why this rustic style is being popular everywhere, including for interior design style development in Bali.

Rustic Interior Design Style - Interior Bali
Rustic Interior Design Style - Interior Bali

Interested in applying rustic interior design style in your home? MF Design has some tips to follow:

1. using natural scheme color that is subdued in an environment that is considered to be rustic in nature. Instead of painting your wall, better to keep natural material without painting it, you can use stone and wood to cover your wall to enhance rustic style in your room.

2. Your space should consist of wooden objects. for example, wooden table, chair, statue, and mirror.

3. You can consider rough wood ceiling beams to recreate the look of a rustic lodge. Rustic style is found more in various hotels and resorts in Bali or also has been mixed with traditional style.

Wanna know more tips or have a plan to change your home interior design? Share your idea with us, an interior consultant Bali based.

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