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Choosing Wallpaper for Small Bedroom

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Do you want to change your bedroom interior design? Maybe choosing a unique wallpaper will be a good choice to re-decorate your bedroom. A unique pattern wallpaper will give a new ambiance to your room. Wallpaper is also can be used in a small bedroom. But, to choose the right wallpaper for our small bedroom, we need to consider the things bellow:

1. Actually, it's all about balance. Your bedroom should give a warm and comfortable ambiance. A calming color palette can bring a warm ambiance into your room. So, it's recommended to choose a calming color palette.

2. Choose a large-scale neutral color design or shiny finish to help you brighten your small bedroom.

3. Think about what you like. Generally it refers to your hobby. If you like music, maybe you can choose a wallpaper with music note pattern, or if you like to explore nature, you can select the leaves wallpaper pattern, so it will give you a natural ambiance of a forest. As if you sleep in the forest.

That's all the small tips to help you change your bedroom interior by using a wallpaper. If you have any idea about choosing a wallpaper for an interior, or wanna collaborate with us, don't hesitate to contact MF Design as your interior design partner in Bali.

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