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Choose The Right Paint Color for Your Interior Design

Color can influence the soul. That's why color has an important role for your room interior. When you want to change your room interior design, you must think about the color of your wall. The wall paint color can bring different ambiance into your room. With a different colors, your room could become more calm, cheerful, or mysterious. So, how to choose the right wall paint color to improve your interior design? Here are some tips from MF Design to choose wall paint color:

Interior Design Color - Interior Design Bali
Interior Design Color - Interior Design Bali

1. Color Wheel

The color wheel provides visual presentation and gives you references which colors combined nicely. If you don't have a this color wheel, you can access it via online by visiting a website of a color wheel, such as Paletton or ColorSchemer. These color wheel websites let you create your own combination color. By knowing which colors are best to be combined, you'll be easily to determine which wall color that suits for your interior and choose some accessories or furniture that also have a good colors to be combined with.

2. Basic Colors

Knowing the basic colors to help you narrow down your selections until you settle on the exact color combination. There are only 3 basic colors you should know, which are red, yellow and blue. The secondary color is made from the combination of basic colors, which are purple, green and orange. After, there is a tertiary colors, which are made by combining the basic and secondary colors.

3. Color Temperature

Every color has its own temperature. That's why different colors could bring various ambiance. So, before you determine which color is best for your interior design, you should know your interior conception, function and size.

There are so many terms to determine which colors are best for your room. If you need more topics about interior design tips, don't hesitate to explore our blog post, or consult your interior matters with our Bali 's interior designer.

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