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An "Instagramable" Interior Design For Your Hotel in Bali

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Bali has been developed as one of favorites tourist islands in Indonesia. Based on its development as a popular tourist destination in the world, some people start to invest in Bali by building hotels, villas, and commercial buildings.

Everybody compete each other to attract a lot customers as possible to succeed their hotel business. To be succeed, they should understand trends. They must learn what is trending or happening everyday. Because trend always successfully affect the customers behavior on choosing a product, without exception, choosing a hotel when they want to go holiday everyday. Nowadays, people are using social media. They post something unique in their instagram's feed especially a unique place. They called it as an instagramable place. Their behavior of using instagram account and posting unique interior space in Bali could be your standard or basic on creating a new idea for your interior hotel.

As one of interior design consultant in Bali, we've been worked for 3 to 5 star hotels in Bali, such as Pink Coco Hotel, Inaya Putri Bali, Honai Resort & Spa, and our own side hotel project; Akila Stay.

To give you more inspiration in creating instagramable ambiance for your hotel's interior, you could take a look our recent project in this website, or simply follow our instagram daily account, where we always post our recent interior design & architecture projects in Bali. If you need a help in creating an interior conception for your hotel business, don't hesitate to drop us a line!

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