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3 Solutions to Brighten A Dark Room

If you have a dark room in your home, the first thing you will do is paint the wall with light color. But painting the wall is not the only one solution to brighten your room. Do you have a dark room in your house and want to make it brighter? As an interior design consultant Today, MF Design Bali will share you 3 simple solution to do to brighten your dark room:

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Interior Design Bali - MF Design Bali

1. Glossy Wallpaper

Beside adding a light paint color, you can use a glossy wallpaper to add light effect or impression. A glossy wallpaper will reflect the light of your wall.

2. Big Mirror

Add a big mirror on your wall to make an illusion, so your room will look bigger and brighter. To brighten the room, the mirror should be placed in front of the window. So, it will reflect the light that comes from outside window. If you have a small window, you should use bigger mirror to have the perfect light reflection.

3. Artificial Light

Use an artificial light to make more light reflection into your room. The artificial light will combine with your light wall paint color and brighten your room.

Actually, you can combine these three object to brighten your room either use only one object, for example if you have a small budget, you can only use a big mirror or use only an artificial light in your room. Remember that you must suit your budget first.

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